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We are very proud to re-release and pre-sell this iconic razor ... in Grade 5, 6Al4V Titanium, the most common aerospace grade. Except for material and accompanying weight, this razor will be identical to the original stainless Diamondback.

We are equally proud to be collaborating with Jake Yates of Yates Precision Manufacturing. For those of you unfamiliar with Jake, he is an engineer, and one of the most talented machinists of razors working today.

The retail price of this razor will be $350. Today, as a special thank you to our customers, we are offering presales of the Ti Diamondback for 25% off! That's $262.50. This offer is time limited, and there are only a certain number of razors available for pre-sale at this price, so we urge you to act quickly.

Delivery will be approximately February 15. Please understand in advance if that date slips somewhat, as machining and finishing are dependent upon the vagaries of production queues, production process, and unforeseen difficulty generally. We hope to deliver sooner than this if possible, but we would rather under-promise and over-deliver.

The razor will be finished using a proprietary method which is brand new to the industry, a patented process which is available from a single shop in the United States. It is electrochemical and mechanical, but uses no abrasive. It achieves the same passivation and accuracy as electropolishing, but leaves a superior surface finish, which is closer to hand polishing, but removes far less metal, and will not disturb specified tolerances. The razors will be bright and reflective, in no way dark or "matte."

A quick note about terms and conditions of the pre-sale. Once you sign up, a razor will be created especially for you -- at the substantial discount of 25%. Therefore, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ISSUED ON THE PRE-SALE. HOWEVER, ONCE YOU RECEIVE THE RAZOR, THE USUAL PARADIGM POLICY OF A 30 DAY, "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" RETURN POLICY WILL APPLY. So we are asking you to commit on the pre-sale; but once you receive your razor, you will have the opportunity to shave with it and evaluate it, and you then have 30 days for any returns. We trust that this policy is fair to all parties.