About us

Paradigm produces the finest safety razors available. Beginning with our initial release in Titanium, we have always stood for quality and innovation. Our Artist Club razor featured a unique tongue and groove construction with spring detents, and still sets the industry benchmark for mild and smooth shaving with this aggressive blade. We also released the first razor available in 17-4, heat treatable stainless steel.

For those of you who don't already know me, I'm Andrew Andersen. It's been some time since our last release, the Diamondback, and it's a pleasure and an honor to return to the scene! I made my way from law to razor design because of my love of wet shaving and traditional safety razors, which I believe offer a superior, more luxurious experience for men (and women!) who are willing to put in a degree of effort in learning to use them.

In addition to our new release, the Salient, other designs are on the drawing board. Going forward, we will do our best to maintain adequate stock, and to offer razors at a variety of price points, which will please individuals in all market segments.

There's one thing we will never compromise on: quality. With careful design and manufacturing, it is possible to maintain the highest standards without taking a hammer to your piggy bank.

To all Paradigm customers, old and new: you have my sincere gratitude. The road has not been without a few speed bumps and hairpin turns, but my commitment to serving people has not wavered over the years, and I Iook forward to surprising and delighting you with superior products both today and in the future.