Production in China -- The Complete View

As the owner of Paradigm Shaveware, I understood that the decision to manufacture the Salient razor in China would generate some controversy. However, the decision was not as straightforward as it may seem.

The company we collaborated with has Canadian upper management, and they diligently search for reputable manufacturers. They prioritize quality over rock-bottom prices and are transparent about it from the start. Interestingly, they even vet their customers, requiring an application and interview process to work with them—a departure from the norm.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we closely supervised every phase, from reviewing blueprints and CAD files to prototyping and final production. The razors were CNC machined with precision, just as they would have been in the United States. We subjected the razors to a two-step finishing process. First, they underwent bead blasting to minimize the appearance of machining marks, followed by electropolishing to achieve a bright, satin finish. While not a mirror finish, the result was noticeably more reflective than bead blasting alone.

Both in China and at our location in Brooklyn, the finished razors passed rigorous quality inspections. I personally inspected each razor for fit and finish. Assembled razors were meticulously examined under natural light to ensure uniformity. We never allow any product to leave our shop unless it meets our stringent standards of excellence.

Any lingering stereotypes about "cheap Chinese manufacturing" should be put aside. China boasts world-class manufacturing capabilities.

Unfortunately, we faced significant challenges in North America. While there are still numerous machine shops in the United States, the response to our Request for Quote was overwhelmingly disappointing. Very few businesses in the US or even Canada showed any interest. North American machine shops primarily focus on three sectors: aerospace, defense, and medical devices. The prospect of machining a limited number of razors for consumer use simply did not generate much enthusiasm.

We also attempted to collaborate with a North American safety razor manufacturer, but after several months, it became evident that the fit was unsatisfactory. Consequently, our project remained on the back burner. We mutually agreed that it was best to part ways.

It is true that some razor manufacturers have successfully outsourced the machining of their products in North America. However, after careful consideration, we found that the balance of factors weighed heavily in favor of China, especially once we identified a reliable company to oversee production.

The Salient razor will undoubtedly appeal to wet shaving enthusiasts, including those who are budget-conscious. It offers a delightful shaving experience and surpasses expectations both in terms of aesthetics and performance, exceeding its price point.

As always, we stand firmly behind the Salient. Give it a try for 30 days, and if you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly refund your purchase price.

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