Titanium Razors



Our razors are designed to be as beautiful as they are functional. Inspired by vintage razors and the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 30s, our handles feature bold, original geometric motifs. The blade holders hold the blade precisely. The threads are tight. We are never satisfied with less than perfection.

The first model took over a year of R&D. First we made scans of existing head designs. The geometry was then modified to achieve the perfect shave. Dozens of handle configurations were drafted, then discarded. We printed the more promising designs on a 3D printer. We made prototypes in titanium, then corrected as needed. Not until the razor was as perfect as we could make it did we bring it to market.



Titanium is the second most noble metal after gold; it will not corrode except under the most extreme conditions. The stock material is roughly double the price of stainless steel. 

The low density of of titanium has advantages for shaving. While the Paradigm double edge has a substantial handle and good heft, it has only 60% of the mass that it would have in stainless steel. It is easier to shave with less pressure. The shave feels "softer."

The Titanium II Razor

Introducing the newest member of the Paradigm lineup: the Titanium II. The head geometry has been updated to match that of the 17-4 stainless. This makes it a bit more streamlined in appearance, but more importantly, it shaves differently. The blade has been locked down rigidly. While nearly as efficient as the original titanium, it is much smoother. In fact, some people have called the razor "sneaky" because it feels very mild, but shaves very close.

The handle has also been given a makeover. In place of the matte finish, the Titanium II has been polished to a mirror shine.