Our backstory

What makes us tick? Hint: it's not about money.

I've always been a gear head, going back to childhood. Even as a kid, I studied things before making a selection, always aspiring to get the best. I was one of the first to own an aluminum baseball bat. During adolescence, photography was an obsession. I couldn't sleep at night without understanding why one film developer yielded finer grain, but slightly less sharpness than another, and the other developer yielded the reverse.

At one point, I developed an interest in improved materials for loudspeaker design. Speaker cabinets resonate, and I was out to ameliorate this problem -- resonance cannot be entirely prevented owing to the laws of physics. I hit upon so-called foam composites as a solution. The composite I began to explore in depth was a metal matrix composite, micro scale particles of ceramic embedded in a matrix of soft metal. Without getting too deeply into detail, the boundary between the two constituents causes friction and hysteresis. The resultant material is also quite stiff and light. Acoustic energy is dissipated in the form of heat, and cabinet resonances are reduced both in amplitude and distribution.

It turns out that metal matrix composites also have significant military application, and I landed a job subcontracting for NASA. I am bound by secrecy not to disclose anything about this work, but it was fascinating, and considerably deepened my knowledge of materials science. I have also applied my knowledge of materials to the design of woodwind instruments.

How does this fit with Paradigm and the titanium razor? The materials connection, seen in the selection of titanium, is self-evident. The rest was a matter of obsessing over the design, from both an aesthetic and a functional point of view. Our goal is to design the very best safety razors possible.