About Us


Our Values

Paradigm Shaveware was founded with a single goal in mind: to create the finest safety razors ever produced. Our razors are made one at a time in titanium or stainless steel by CNC machining. And they always will be. We are committed to providing true value to our customers. A Paradigm razor will outlive its owner. Our pricing will always be reasonable for the quality delivered. We will always back what we sell 100%, and it will always be manufactured in the USA. We are committed to remaining a small, high quality shop.


But getting here hasn't been easy or cheap. The original titanium took over a year of R&D. We studied the design of other razors, and looked for ways to improve upon their performance while retaining the beauty of vintage models. Dozens of razors were examined, and hundreds of photos. We made laser scans to accurately measure dimensions. Drawing after drawing was made and discarded as the design evolved. Promising designs were printed in 3D. Finally, we machined prototypes and addressed remaining design issues. We shaved with it for months. Abused it. And, only when our exacting standards were satisfied, did we bring it to market. 

The stainless steel razor was redesigned from the ground up. Many razor manufacturers leverage an existing design by simply releasing it in a different material or different color, even. We thought that would be boring, in addition to giving our customers short shrift. Different materials have different shaving qualities, most especially mass. So our stainless model is made with a less massive, more streamlined head and a shorter handle. Our goal was to fit as good a shave as possible into 100 grams of weight. The shaving geometry was also modified. A more massive razor tends to be more aggressive. So we toned down the blade feel and made a few other changes. The shave is almost as efficient as the original titanium, while being far less aggressive. 

Most recently, Paradigm released the Titanium II. With the redesigned head of the 17-4 and the handle of the original titanium, it is an exceptionally smooth shaver. More production of this model will be available in mid-March, 2018.

Looking Ahead

Expect more great, innovative designs from Paradigm in the days to come. An Artist Club-style single edge razor is currently in prototype. Shaped by tradition, Paradigm is never bound by it. R&D, the delivery of new products, and the further refining of existing ones, will never stop. Progress never does.